How to apply for a credit?

You often think that asking for a loan is a long process, where you have to meet a lot of requirements and what we need is an institution that trusts us. For that reason, with Good Finance credits everything is simpler.

You will have the possibility of obtaining an unsecured credit to meet your goals. You will not need anyone to support you and commit to pay in case you do not comply. Because we know that you will meet the established fees.

This will be a great advantage, since you won’t need to waste time on paperwork to get all the documents from your guarantor. We know that it is key when you want to ask for a loan, because you tend to be in a hurry and need for money.

What do you need to apply to your credit?

What do you need to apply to your credit?

To start your process you can do it directly through the web. You just have to enter your name, your last name and an email. After that, we will need your DPI, your place of residence and your age. Other important information is your profession, your seniority, your marital status, your income and the purpose of that credit.

All this will be an easy and fast procedure, so that without queues, without complications and fulfilling basic requirements you have your money in 48 hours. You can request an amount between Q4,000 and Q100,000 and you will have the possibility to choose the term to pay in 24, 48 and 60 months. With this, you will get the amount you need and the payments will adapt to your economic capacity. Customized fees, which you will be able to pay and that will not compromise your financial health.

Your job stability, your bank accounts

Your job stability, your bank accounts

Your punctuality when paying your taxes, your rents or other loans, will be the information that will define your credit record. You must take into account that the better your record, the better your credit will be.

Currently, you can qualify for the Good Finance Extra, Good Finance Plus and Good Finance Premium credits, which have an interest that varies between 4.75% and 3.25% monthly on balances.

You should not forget that your credit record will always be your letter of introduction to any financial institution, so your life must be marked by being punctual in payments. That will be your key to better credit opportunities over the years.

Other ways of contact


Remember that you can also contact us for any questions or queries about your credit. We will be with you throughout the process.

But if you’re in a hurry, now you can do it through WhatsApp to have your money in less than 24 hours. So you can buy your vehicle, remodel your home, consolidate your debts or grow your business.

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